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WHY CHOOSE THE CE Marking Authority?

Updated: Feb 5

Reputation - What price peace of mind? For over 40 years, we have worked successfully with leading electrical, electronic, and mechanical product manufacturers, and importers, around the world to help them better manage risk and assure regulatory compliance, with the CE and UKCA Marking requirements. The reassurance of consulting a conformity assessment agency like the CE Marking Authority is invaluable. Working with the CE Marking Authority adds more than applicable regulation to your product, it adds value as your customers will see the products you market have a high degree of credibility that few others can match. Technical Knowledge & Leadership - Our certification engineers participate in the development of international, industry, and regulatory standards, and our members of the Standards Policy and Strategy Committee (SPSC), responsible for the UK input to 172 standards Personalized Service - At the CE Marking Authority, we are committed to meeting your evolving needs and helping you anticipate new market trends. We offer you our Compliance Management Service which fulfils the product safety technical regulations and standards. We specialize in ensuring the mandatory compliance requirements are met by producing a compliance report which demonstrates how the product meets the legal safety obligations set out in the legislation from small components to large-scale industrial plants for your company in an economic and timely way.

For more information on Product Compliance go to the following link

If you require CE Marking or UKCA Marking assistance Contact the team below

CE Marking Authority

Tomorrows Certification Today

Tel: +44 (0) 1779 841842

Tel; +44 (0) 7910 523528

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