Authorised Representative (AR)?

If you require an Authorised Representative in the European Union for CE marked products or in the United Kingdom for UKCA marked products look no further, The CE Marking Authority is your Consultant & Legal Representative in the EU, UK. We can store your technical construction files on dedicated hard drives ensuring Data Privacy Requirements are met.



In the context of product compliance, an Authorised Representative (AR) is an individual or a business entity that acts as an authorized point of contact on behalf of a manufacturer that is based outside of the country for which the product is being sold (or placed on the market in most cases, even if a sale is not involved).


A manufacturer can be based anywhere, but they must have a representative based in the European Union to sell their products in Europe. The same applies to those selling products in the United Kingdom - there must be a representative based in the UK. A representative:

  • Verifies CE marking/ UKCA marking

  • Registers as the EU/UK point of contact

  • Ensures the availability of technical files

  • Cooperate with authorities


The CE mark will of course remain a requirement for the majority of product types that are being placed on the EU market, while the new UKCA Marking requirements will be used in the United Kingdom. The CE Marking Authority can if the manufacturer wishes put the technical documentation together to show that the manufacturer has demonstrated compliance to the CE Marking Directives or UKCA legislation in the UK

The CE Marking Authority can create the declaration for the customer to sign and can also license the use of its EU address and contact details so that relevant EU bodies can contact to make inquiries if required. In this mode, we liaise between EU bodies such as the enforcement body, market surveillance authority, etc, and the original manufacturer/supplier that is located outside the EU.

Is it mandatory to appoint an Authorised Representative?


 The appointment of an Authorised Representative (AR) is optional. Manufacturers are required to identify an Economic Operator within the EU, but it does not necessarily have to be an AR - it could be an importer or a Fulfilment Service Provider


Some of the EU Directives require the Manufacturer or their AR to have their name and address on the declaration, others say the manufacturer and the AR details must be present. The following table summarises some of the common directives.


























EU guidance document:

Market Surveillance Regulation (EU) 2019/1020:

UK guidance document:

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