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About Our Business

The CE Marking Authority is guided by four principles: customer satisfaction rather than competitor focus, passion for innovation, commitment to operational excellence, and providing certification services that ensure our customers’ products are compliant.


We are driven by the excitement of building relationships, embracing new ways of doing things, making decisions quickly, and enabling our customers to work to tight market deadlines. Our focus remains the same as it was on the CE Marking Authority's very first day - to make smart, fast decisions, stay nimble, innovate, and focus on delighting our customers.

Together, CE Marking Authority research and develop compliance programs, examinations and certification services for new technologies on behalf of our customers, supporting them through the entire development journey, while being committed to having the best-in-class in safety, performance, and reliability, turning our customers ambition into a reality

Our mission is to be the most customer-centric company. Our actions, goals, projects, programs, and inventions begin and end with the customer's top of mind. So, we’re here to get you ready. Ready for anything life throws at you and for anything you decide to throw back. We don’t know what you’ll encounter, but there’s nothing on your compliance journey that we can’t help you handle.

This Is How We Do It

So before we started trading we had a clear view of how the business would evolve with our main aims being


1.       Focus on the customer

2.       Map out the value stream

3.       Remove waste (non-value added steps)

4.       Communicate with your team

5.       Create a culture of change and flexibility


Every project shares the same basic goal: to streamline workflow and eliminate unnecessary or repetitive tasks in order to plan and execute projects as efficiently as possible                                 


1. Focus on the customer

One of the oldest, yet most prudent, pieces of business is always putting the customer first. Everything the CE marking Authority revolves around your customer and their needs. Therefore, we have set a level of Quality to ensure what we say is what we deliver


2. Map out the value stream


At the outset of the business, we carefully planned and identified what we considered to be every step of the process and looked at steps that add value to the customer and which do not (enabling us to remove the waste from the process)


3. Remove waste to create flow


By continuous improvement and using our dedicated simplification process we have developed a process for eliminating waste, reducing variations and increasing standardization


4. Communication


Make sure the business members all know the process for which they are responsible, keep clear lines for communication and not be afraid to approach any subject.

Ensuring the customer knows what’s required for us to execute his or her project and keeping them informed every step of the way


5. Create a culture of change and flexibility


Welcome change and encourage colleagues to accept change as well. The root of this cultural change is data and dispelling fears by explaining the benefits of the change and showing employees how we have made their work more impactful through data and adding value to our customers


Now we know we can offer our customers an effective compliance process ensuring their products get market access when the customer requires it, in a cost-effective manner

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