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Product Compliance Professionals

Updated: Nov 20

Achieving regulatory product compliance for CE and UKCA Marking requires a deep understanding of the complex regulations and standards. Complicating matters is the sheer volume of regulations and standards, and staying current with regulatory obligations, conducting due diligence, and correctly developing the technical documentation that demonstrates compliance.

Without the expertise or resources, the process is daunting. We know some businesses have their own compliance teams in-house, however, not all companies can afford their own dedicated compliance team and outsource the process.

Although managing product compliance in-house may be a feasible solution for some companies, other companies may face several roadblocks that hinder the success of their product compliance programs. From the complex and everchanging regulations to a lack of specialized knowledge and resources, companies often find themselves overwhelmed and struggling to keep up

To navigate these challenges effectively, many companies are partnering with the CE Marking Authority Our regulatory experts guide you through the compliance process by identifying the applicable regulations and harmonised standards and producing a product compliance report that shows you how the product has met the mandatory requirements applicable to the product. In addition, we produce the technical construction file and develop the Declarations of Conformity.

For companies who do not have an address in Europe and the UK to store their technical file the CE Marking Authority will act as your Authorised Representative

So, by outsourcing compliance management, businesses can focus on their core competencies while ensuring adherence to regulations and safeguarding themselves from supply chain disruptions

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