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CE Marking

Come to the number one CE Marking Agency for all your CE Marking requirements

If you are a manufacturer, you have to follow these 7 steps to ensure compliance to the CE marking requirements:

  1. Identify the applicable directive(s) and harmonised standards

  2. Verify product specific requirements (Mandatory Standards)

  3. Identify whether an independent conformity assessment (by a notified body) is necessary

  4. Test the product and check its conformity

  5. Draw up and keep available the required technical documentation

  6. Affix the CE marking and draw up the EU Declaration of Conformity.

  7. Ensure that procedures are in place for series production to remain in conformity with the applied Directive(s). "Changes in product design or characteristics and changes in the harmonised standards the international or national standards, or in other technical specifications by reference to which conformity of electrical equipment is declared shall be adequately taken into account".

For more information contact the team +44 7910523528

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