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CE and UKCA Consultancy

Updated: Apr 28

Our experienced CE and UKCA compliance advisory team has an exceptional track record in helping organisations understand regulatory developments and assisting them with developing and producing the product technical construction file and meeting regulatory requirements.

Product compliance continues to experience waves of significant regulatory change. This makes it challenging for organisations to digest new regulations, design and implement controls to manage the changing landscape and continue to provide assurance to senior management and regulators that the controls are robust and effective.

At the CE Marking Authority, we don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We take the time to understand your business, along with your needs and objectives, to ensure that we provide you with sensible, efficient and effective solutions to managing regulatory risk. Our CE and UKCA Compliance Solutions team offers technical insight and draws on an in-depth knowledge of peer-group best practices. 

Our team have over 40 years’ consultancy experience in all aspects of product compliance.


All our consultants are professional engineers who have come to compliance from a manufacturing background and have a reputation for solving clients’ compliance headaches in the most effective way possible.


We are happy to offer advice and support in our areas of expertise.


Services we can offer you:

  • Help you navigate the CE and UKCA Marking requirements

  • Provide expert support for CE and UKCA product compliance

  • Create your CE Marking Declaration of Conformity

  • Create your UKCA Declaration of Conformity

  • Provide immediate support with direct access consultancy

  • Identify the legislation applicable to your products or equipment and help you produce a technical file

  • Produce a product compliance report of your product or equipment detailing all the applicable risk assessments and how compliance has been achieved

  • Train you and your staff in tailored compliance workshops

  • Provide an Authorised Representative or Responsible person service in the EU or UK

To learn more about our product regulatory compliance advisory services for the CE and UKCA marking requirements, get in touch with a CE Marking Authority representative today.

Business: +44 1779 841 842

Mobile: +44 7910 523 528

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