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Benefits of Independent Verification

Updated: May 6

The benefits of using the CE Marking Authority as your independent approvals agency include many rewards;

Increased credibility and transparency with your customer base, as they know the product you have placed on the market have been accurately and independently assessed and the construction technical file is in place.

Sometimes an independent verification can help businesses to identify areas for improvement reducing risk. In addition, independent approvals can enhance business reputations as they show the company has undergone independent verification thus having a higher level of accountability and showing that organizations are meeting their regulatory commitments.

Other reasons for independent verification

To bring a product to market, companies must undertake a variety of tasks and activities to ensure their products are compliant with a wide range of regulations and standards. This process is known as product compliance.

Compliance management can be more challenging than it seems on the surface. Regulations in different countries, states, and provinces are constantly changing. Whether an organisation manufactures or becomes the brand owner of a product they are legally accountable and other Economic Operators also have a level of responsibility. Furthermore, the business challenge lies in not only producing a compliant product but also declaring it is compliant before placing it on the market.

Many companies are now turning to independent verification as a more effective solution as the compliance work is conducted by dedicated compliance experts who are up to date with all the latest technical knowledge and can share that knowledge with your design team to ensure the product goes to market with the evidence that satisfies the legislation.

If you require your product to meet the UK and European Norms and you are considering outsourcing your compliance feel free to contact the CE Marking Authority

For more information contact

CE Marking Authority

Phone; +44 (0) 7910523528

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