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All we do is 'Product Compliance'

At CE Marking Authority, we have our compliance specialists who set the bar high. We combine our entrepreneurial spirit with original thinking and practical know-how to provide outstanding services and solutions for our customer's regulatory needs

The regulatory environment has become increasingly complex and manufacturers can feel overwhelmed by the maze of product safety regulations impacting their business, compliance specialists are difficult to find and are often seen as an unnecessary overhead by businesses. This can result in inexperienced staff being given the compliance work as a second “job” or worse still, it gets ignored until a problem arises with the regulatory authorities.

This is where the CE Marking Authority help!

What can we do?

We can give you predictable compliance management costs as all our quotes are fixed costs and we have not yet had to increase our costs over the last three years as we have reduced the costs year on year by eliminating waste and continually improving our processes

New Product Development – We will brief your design engineers and ensure their designs fall in line with the requirements preventing costly delays.

We have compliance experts with 40 years of experience gaining a wide range of product compliance knowledge which we use to help your company thrive. We found by being a more hands-on compliance agency we can create your CE/UKCA Marking Technical file within a four-week period. We will supply you a checklist at the beginning of the project with a list of documents we require from you these are usually drawings, data sheets, design calculations and it also shows you what the CE Marking Authority will be doing for you. Once complete we have a technical construction file that shows how compliance has been achieved with the applicable regulations and standards

We don’t stop there we maintain ongoing compliance – we monitor the regulations and standards and when one changes we inform you of the change and the possible impact

CE Marking Authority can manage multiple projects simultaneously or over an agreed period of time to meet your priorities and budgets.

If you require CE Marking assistance Contact the team below;

CE Marking Authority

Tomorrows Certification Today

Tel: +44 (0) 1779 841842

Tel; +44 (0) 7910 523528

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