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The problem when converting from CE Directive to UKCA Marking requirements

Most of the times when a product fails their convertion from CE Directive to UKCA Marking requirements its because there been some modification to the product and not assessed in the technical file or qualification of documentation is not present within the file. However, that’s not always the case, and instead of being complicated, the problem could be quite easier to solve. There are three main causes of failure, which if manufacturers should keep in mind:

  • The manufacturer should keep in mind the necessary measures so that the manufacturing process and its monitoring ensure compliance of the manufactured equipment within the technical documentation

  • The manufacturer should review the technical documentation to establish if the directives have been up-date and the applicable standards have been revised, and if so, conduct a review and up-date the technical file and Declaration of Conformity accordingly

  • Marking and instructions: Marks related to the equipment ratings or any other warning marks. It is important that the instruction cover handling, installation, operational, maintenance and decommissioning where appropriate.

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