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The next phase for light source labelling has been announced

Over the last few decades, the energy efficiency of our everyday appliances has improved significantly. We have been pleased to see the revised and optimised energy label on a wide range of household appliances and products. The new label simplifies the rating system and better reflects the array of energy efficient products on the market, supporting consumers and professional buyers alike.

Phased in gradually to include a select few products to begin with, expansion is just over the horizon. From the 1 October 2021, the rescaled energy label will appear on light sources. With this comes the introduction of a QR code where you can access further information about the product, much like the other products. This is a monumental change which will help to further encourage innovators to take efficiency to the next level.

Enlighten yourself about the changes

Energy efficient lighting not only helps you save a few pounds on your energy bills, but it also helps lower your CO2 emissions, all without compromising the quality of light in our homes. Since the ban on halogen bulb production in September 2018, the LED (light emitting diodes) bulb has stormed the market. These bulbs use around 70-80% less electricity than the equivalent traditional bulb. Considering that lighting accounts for around 16% of the total electricity use for a typical household, this offers a great chance to save.

If you are yet to make the switch to LED, here is your sign. When browsing for new lighting products, the label is an incredibly handy tool to help you choose the right one for your household. You can gauge the energy saving potential, voltage, whether or not the bulb is dimmable and so much more. When it comes to LED bulbs, they last longer so you won’t need to worry about changing too often. Thanks to the new label, all the information you need is available at the tip of your fingers, allowing you to easily distinguish between a variety of products.

Bright ideas to save energy and money

In light of the new label changes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer you some tips and tricks to help you save from the comfort of your own home:

  • Always turn off lights when you’re not using them. If you switch a light off for just a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again

  • Be aware of how many lights you have on in a room. If you have the main light on, do you need the lamp on too?

  • Arrange light switches so it is easy to turn them off, for example, place switches for rooms at or near the door

  • Use sensors or times on external lights, so they are only on when they need to be

  • Consider using transparent shades or fittings, as a dark lampshade can absorb some of the light a bulb emits

  • Ensure that you regularly clean any lamp shades or fittings to increase the impact of the lighting

Light sources

When will the new rescaled labels be provided by manufacturers/suppliers and when must they be used in stores and online shops?

New light sources placed on the market after 1 October 2021

From 1.10.2021

  • Dealers must show the new products with rescaled label on the packaging in stores and online shops.

Light sources already placed on the market before 1 October 2021

18 months transition period from 1.10.2021 to 31.3.2023

  • Products sold online must be relabelled within 14 working days from 1.10.2021.

  • Products already placed on market before 1.10.2021 may still be sold with the old label visible on product packaging until 1.4.2023.

  • Manufacturers, on request by the retailers, must provide stickers with the rescaled label and related product information sheet for products in their (retailers’) stock.

As of 1.4.2023

  • The old label shown on the packaging or attached to a product must be covered by a sticker of same size with the rescaled label.

  • New product information sheet must be provided.

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