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The CE Marking Authority estimate we will be carbon neutral by 2025

We may be only a small company but if we all do our bit, by working together we can build a safe world for all to enjoy.

The future for compliance professionals will be to maximise convenience for manufacturers while minimising the impact on the environment

An immediate priority has been to develop new methods of working which reduced our carbon footprint, but add value to our customers. So we took a comprehensive look at how the company can manage the risks of climate change, while including actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking ahead: The company’s 2025 emission reduction plans are expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by eliminating energy costs using solar power and do away with travel to customer sites to conduct witness tests and become a paperless organisation.

We all know the price of energy is going to sore next year, so it was obvious for us to install solar power, as it cuts our electricity bills to zero and reduces our carbon footprint, with the added benefit of receiving payments for the extra energy we generate.

To eliminate travel 2 years ago before COVID you would have said you’re mad, but know we have proved we can still certify the products without the need of witness testing, by having the manufacturer conduct the tests on site and if required we can watch the test via Teams. This benefits our customers as they don’t have to wait for test engineers to arrive at site and there is a significant reduction in costs as there are no travel expenses, thus adding value to our customers.

These plans help position CE Marking Authority to become a leader in greenhouse emissions by 2025 and support the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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