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Product Certification - CE Mark UK

The CE Marking Authority is here to help you with your product certification requirements and get your product on sale in your target markets.

A specialist product approvals agency and testing company with many years of experience in mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment certification.

The CE Marking Authority is guided by four principles: customer satisfaction rather than competitor focus, passion for innovation, commitment to operational excellence, and providing certification services that ensure our customers’ products are compliant.

Our revolutionary approach to CE & UKCA Marking Compliance is unique and speeds up the product certification process while maintaining a very high-quality service.

Using the Lean Six Sigma process, we have developed an accelerated product certification process.

We quickly establish the product legislation requirements and identify the mandatory product safety standards that are used to demonstrate compliance.

Our success is our customer’s success therefore we go above and beyond by supplying all the compliance documentation that is needed to demonstrate conformity with the applicable CE Marking Directives and UK Statutory Instruments in one folder so there is no need for you to worry about finding information on your systems, we even keep a copy of the folder on a dedicated password-protected hard drive in the event your folder goes missing.

Plus if you need an Authorized Representative in either region look no further we can sort that out. Giving our customers the complete package

If you require any assistance feel free to contact the team at The CE Marking Authority

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