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European Commission Up-Date

Radio equipment for wireless access systems including radio local area networks (WAS/RLANs); Telecommunication systems in general (ICS 33.040.01)

This draft Commission Implementing Decision requires EU Member States to designate and make available, on a non-exclusive, non-interference and non-protected basis, the frequency band 5945-6425 MHz for the implementation of WAS/RLANs, in compliance with the technical conditions set out in the Annex to the Decision.

This Decision is addressed to the EU Member States. The purpose of this Decision is to harmonize the technical conditions for the availability and efficient use of radio spectrum in the 5945-6425 MHz band by WAS/RLANs and to protect existing usages in and adjacent to the 5945-6425 MHz band;

Proposed date of adoption: April 2021

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