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CE Marking


The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products that are traded on the single market in the European Economic Area (EEA).

The CE marking is required for many products. It:

· shows that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements

· is an indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation

· allows the free movement of products within the European market

By placing the CE marking on a product a manufacturer is declaring, on his sole responsibility, conformity with all of the legal requirements to achieve CE marking. The manufacturer is thus ensuring validity for that product to be sold throughout the EEA. This also applies to products made in third countries which are sold in the EEA and Turkey.

Not all products must bear the CE marking. Only those product categories subject to specific directives that provide for the CE marking are required to be CE marked.

CE marking does not mean that a product was made in the EEA, but states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market. It means the product satisfies the legislative requirements to be sold there. It means that the manufacturer has checked that the product complies with all relevant essential requirements, for example health and safety requirements.

If you are a manufacturer it is your responsibility to:

· carry out the conformity assessment

· set up the technical file

· issue the EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

· place CE marking on a product

If you are a distributor you must check the presence of both the CE marking and the necessary supporting documentation.

If you are importing a product that is from a third country you have to check that the manufacturer outside the EU has undertaken the necessary steps. You must check that the documentation is available.

How can ‘The CE Marking Authority’ support you in meeting the CE marking requirements?

The CE Marking Authority are experts in European market access requirements. And with one of the widest ranges of market access solutions, years of industry experience and expertise, we can work with you to ensure your products are compliant to the CE Marking requirements and produce the evidence you will need to satisfy the legislative requirements.

We can also offer you specialist training courses developed by utilising our consultants who will develop blended learning packages which go beyond theory, giving you valuable real-world insights into regulatory compliance. As a result, you can trust us to provide a higher quality, consistent training and development at every level of your organisation.

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